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2012 Submissions

-Smooth-FunkHop Hip Hop - Olskool Song
-Smooth-RegainingYourTrus Classical Song
-Smooth-SleepWalkers Techno Song
-Smooth-WavesOfMusic Techno Song
-Smooth-TheLoveILost Classical Song
-Smooth-TasteOfRain Classical Song
TG(MK) Video Game Loop
TG(Inspiration) Drum N Bass Loop

2011 Submissions

PoU(ThatGuy) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
MHIS(WIP) Industrial Loop
ToManyMinds Drum N Bass Song
ImProveYourSelf(Wip)ES Classical Song
TheWavesofThunder Pop Loop
WhatGoesInMyMind-Es Techno Song
TheeDayAfterTomorrow-ES Ambient Song
Es-RaveAttempt(WIP) Trance Song
You and Me-Wip(2) Hip Hop - Modern Loop
HighNess-EpS Video Game Loop
You and Me-EpS Hip Hop - Olskool Loop